Getting started with Relay

Learn how to set up Kajabi's app Relay on your iPhone.
This feature is currently in beta and is being tested by a select group of Kajabi users. If you have questions or concerns about this feature please don't hesitate in reaching out to

Quick Guide

  1. Login to your Kajabi account.
  2. Choose which Kajabi site you want to connect.
  3. Record a video.
  4. Choose which category and post you want the video uploaded to.
  5. Add a description,

Relay by Kajabi is a mobile application (currently only for iPhone) that will allow you to post directly to a category inside one of your existing products on your site.

You'll film a portrait video that will be directly uploaded as a post in your product. After editing the video you will have the opportunity to send an email announcement to every member of that specific product letting them know that you've posted an exclusive video in the product!

To get started:

  • Log in to your Kajabi account in the app using your Kajabi login information.
  • Choose which site (if you have multiple sites in the same account) you want to connect to Relay:

Log In


  • Record your video and edit the length.
  • Hit save:


After recording your video:

  • Enter a title for the post.
  • Add a description of the video.
  • Choose which product you want to upload the video to.
  • Select the category in your product where you want the video to be stored.
  • Hit Upload to Kajabi:



  • After the upload you will be asked if you want to send an announcement to the members of that product.
  • Edit the email template and hit send:


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