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Locking Content with Linear Course Mode

Learn how to lock certain areas of a Product, only to be unlocked by the completion of a certain Post.

Quick Guide

  1. Click on the Products tab
  2. Select the appropriate Product
  3. Click the status button of the Category you wish locked and select Lock
  4. Select the Post that needs to be completed before the Category unlocks

You can encourage your members to complete your course using Content Locking in Linear Course Mode. With Content Locking, members have to mark a post as completed before getting access to the next module.

To set up Locked Content:

  • Edit an existing Product or create a new one.
  • Click and select Locked.
  • Choose the Post that will unlock new content when marked as complete"

You can only Lock and release entire Categories at a time, not individual Posts. If you wish to unlock only a single Post, then include it in its own Category.

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