How to use the affiliate program

Learn how to use each part of the Kajabi affiliate system in your account.

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What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is a user who will share a link that leads to a section of your site (Offer, Checkout, Pipeline Page) and ultimately take a percentage of the profit made off of anyone who clicks on that Share Link and completes a purchase on your site.

The Affiliate User will present a Share Link to their audience through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

The Affiliate User will take a percentage of each sale made from anyone who clicks on that Share Link and completes a purchase on your site within 30 days and using the same browser.

How the Affiliate Program works

The Affiliate Program functions a lot like the Kajabi Referral program. You (site admin) will create Share links for your Affiliate Users to share with their audiences. These Share Links will place a cookie on the prospective customer's browser for 30 days. As long as the customer purchases from your site using the same browser and the purchase is made within that 30 day time period, the transaction will be counted as an Affiliate transaction.


The Affiliates Dashboard shows an overview of how your Affiliates are performing:

The Affiliate Dashboard shows an overview of how your Affiliates are performing.

  • Click: The overall click count from all of your Affiliate Share Links.

  • Form Submissions: The number of opt-ins tracked through your Affiliate Share Links.

  • Conversions: The number of purchases tracked through all of your Affiliate Share Links.

  • Conversion Rate: Overall clicks divided by overall conversions.

Below the Affiliate statistics, you will find your Affiliate Sign up Link and Affiliate Login Link.


The Affiliate Settings allows you to toggle on/off registrations and customize the Affiliate Onboarding process:


Under the Users section, you can create and manage your Affiliate Users.

  • Click on an Affiliate User's name to view their individual Affiliate statistics, override their Affiliate Percentage, and see which Share Links are available to each Affiliate:


The Transactions section in your Affiliate dashboard will display all the transactions that have been credited to an Affiliate User:

Affiliates will now be credited for setup fees! Any setup fee that come from a subscription will now be tracked in our Affiliate system.

A Share Link is simply a URL that can lead to any site or page.

When a user clicks on a Share Link a cookie is placed in their browser for 30 days. This cookie will track the user's habits on your site and attribute any profit generated from that user to the appropriate Affiliate.

You can create a Share Link that leads to the first Page in your Pipeline or to your favorite clothing store's homepage. As long as the user completes a purchase using the same browser where they originally followed the Share Link, the sale will be credited to the Affiliate User. Truncating an Affiliate Share link by using tools like the Bitly URL shortener will still credit the Affiliate for the conversion.

Affiliates will only be credited if you set the Affiliate percentage in the Offer.


Communicate with every Affiliate User on your site using an Affiliate Announcement:


You can export your Affiliate Reports in the Export section of your Affiliate Dashboard. You will use these reports to determine how much to payout each Affiliate:

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