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How to create an Email Sequence

Learn how to create an Email Sequence and how to use them to communicate with your users.

An Email Sequence is a series of emails that will begin sending immediately after the user is subscribed or a certain amount of days after the user has been added to the sequence.

To create a new Email Sequence:

  • Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard and select Email Campaigns or type "Email Sequence" into the Kajabi Assistant (⌘+K)
  • Click + New Email Campaign on the Email Campaigns dashboard.
  • Select Create Email Sequence.
  • Add subscribers with an Automation, edit and customize the emails in the sequence, and preview them before you send them out:

If a user has not opted-in to receive marketing emails they will not be added to the recipient list.

Set the Day to 0 in order to have the first email in the sequence send out immediately after a user is subscribed.

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