How to Connect to TaxJar

With the TaxJar API, Kajabi can see sales tax reports for any state and get a calculation of how much they owe in each city, county, etc. This integration means you no longer have to worry about due dates or filing manually and can file their taxes with just one click.
This feature is currently in beta and is being tested by a select group of Kajabi users. If you have questions or concerns about this feature please don't hesitate in reaching out to

To Connect your Kajabi Account to TaxJar:

  • After creating a TaxJar Account, login to the main dashboard.
  • Navigate to the Account tab and select SmartCalcsAPI
  • Then copy the Live Token API key.

Next, Login to your Kajabi Account.

  • Open the Settings tab from the Dashboard.
  • Click Tax Settings.
  • Paste the TaxJar API key in the API Key text bubble and click Connect.
  • Then click Sync Nexus to view your Nexus locations inside your Kajabi Tax Settings.
Nexus is a presence or connection to a state significant enough for you to be required to comply to the states sales tax laws.


Once your API key is connected, you will have the option to make your offer's taxable. To do so:

  • Open the Products tab from the dashboard and select Offers.
  • Select an Offer or create a new one.
  • Click Edit Price.
  • Check the Taxable Offer checkbox then choose a Tax Category.

add tax

Your offers will now automatically add sales tax during the checkout process. The sales tax will be based upon the location of the buyer.

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