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Learn how to customize Email Broadcasts in the Email Editor

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The Email Editor is only availabe for Email Broadcasts. This is not an available option for Email Sequences.

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How to Access Email Editor from the Dashboard

To access Email Editor from the dashboard:

  • Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard and select Email Campaigns.
  • Select the Email Broadcast you would like to edit or create a new one by clicking New Email Campaign then select Email Broadcast.


  • Select who will recieve the email broadcast in the dropdown menu, then click Save & Continue.

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  • Click Launch Email Editor.

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How to Add a Section

To Add a section to the Email Broadcast:

  • Click Add Section in the control sidebar on the left. Here you have the option of adding:

    • Custom Content
    • An Image
    • An Image Banner
    • Text
    • Text & CTA


Each section gives you the option to customize it's background color and vertical spacing.

How to Add an Image

To Add an Image:

  • Click Add Section in the sidebar then select Image.
  • Click the Image block in the sidebar.
  • Click the Select Image Dropdown and upload an Recent Image or New Image.
  • After the image has uploaded, you have the options to use the image as a banner, to change the image width, and to assign the image an action.


How to Add a Call To Action Button

to Add a Call to Action Button:

  • Click Add Section then select Text & CTA.
  • To edit the Text of the CTA, Click on the Text block in the sidebar.
  • To edit the CTA, click the CTA block in the sidebar. Here, you have the option to Link the CTA's Action to Go to a Landing Page, Go to a Checkout Page, or Go to a URL


How to Change Page Background Color

To Change the background color of the email page:

  • Click the Settings tab then click Color Scheme.
  • Here you can change the color of the Page Background and Text.

text color

How to Change the Font

To change the Font of the text in the email:

  • Click the Settings Tab and select Typography.
  • From here you can select the Font.


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