How to customize your Kajabi email address

Learn how to customize which email address is visible to your members.

Quick Guide

  1. Click the Settings Tab
  2. Select Marketing Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Email Settings

Email Marketing Settings

Kajabi automatically sends emails when:

  • A member signs up
  • An Offer is purchased
  • An Affiliate signs up
  • An affiliate has a conversion
  • When a Member replies to a comment
  • Content is dripped to a Member
  • When an Announcement is published
  • When an Affiliate Announcement is published
  • When a Member's payment to a Subscription fails
  • When an Offer is granted to a Member

Because these are automatic, Kajabi automatically generates an email address for you to send these from and sends them through our email server. Therefore emails from your Kajabi Site will automatically use our mailer domain address associated with it. You can change this in the Marketing Settings.

To change the From Name, From Email, and the Reply-to email address. Go to the Settings tab, then select the Marketing Settings.

Marketing Settings

Additionally, your site can send emails (notification, email broadcast, email sequence) but you cannot receive and respond to emails from users within your site. They will be redirected to the email address associated with your account. To do so, get an Email Hosting service like Google Apps for Business ( and configure it with your domain.

Connecting your emails to your custom domain

During the domain onboarding process, CloudFlare will copy existing domain records. These may include pointers to other services where your domain is used as an Email Hosting service for your custom domain emails. At the end of the process, CloudFlare will ask you to verify if all the records are correct & copied.

If for any reason CloudFlare missed copying your MX records (that’s for custom domain emails), you can get the domain records from your registrar. After obtaining the domain records from your Email Service, go back to CloudFlare > DNS page to add them.

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