How to Optimize Email Deliverability

Learn how to optimize your email deliverability

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of deliverability, let's talk about why your emails may not be getting delivered.

In order for emails to reach an inbox, they need to be approved by an ESP’s (Email Service Provider) or ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) security system. Emails are approved based on the reputation of the sender; think of the sender's reputation as a credit score and ESP/ISPs as credit bureaus (For a more in-depth article on ESP/ISP security , Click Here).

There are two steps in creating and withholding a good sender reputation; Nurturing a healthy Mailing list, and Sending Clean Content.

Step 1 - Nurturing a Healthy Mailing list

The leading perpetrator in a low deliverability rate is a rotten mailing list. Here is how to make sure your mailing list is helping your reputation as a sender.

Offer a double Opt-In subscription:

This is the Number One rule. Acquiring contacts through your own opt-in is vital to holding a good sender reputation. A double Opt-In means the sender is validating the email entered on its website twice; first by having the user enter the address on the site and then asking recipients to confirm their subscription through a confirmation email.

To offer a double Opt-In subscription:

  • Open the Marketing tab from your dashboard and select Forms.
  • Select the desired Form or create a new one.
  • Click the checkbox next to Send Double Opt-In Email to New Contacts


Offer an Opt-Out:
Due to U.S. Spam Laws, Kajabi has added an Opt-Out to your Email Sequences, so we've already got you covered.

Recipient Engagement: ESPs measure your reputation through the engagement of your recipients. If recipients are opening, forwarding and replying to your emails, it will improve your reputation.

To find your recipient Engagement: - Open the Marketing tab from your dashboard and select Email Campaigns. - Select the desired Email Campaign and then click Report.


Remove inactive email addresses:

Remove contacts who aren’t responding or interacting with their emails after 90 days. ISPs take interaction, such as opens or clicks, as a positive sign, which improves the sender’s reputation.

To manage your inactive contacts:

  • Open the People tab from your dashboard and select All People.
  • Click on the Filter Drop-down and then the Select Filter dropdown menu.
  • Select Hasn't Opened an Email in Last.

email filter

Step 2 - Sending Clean Content

ESPs and ISPs will flag emails with "spammy" content. Here is a list of rules to follow to improve your email deliverability.

  • Personalize Emails Address the recipient by name and be sure the content reflects the recipient’s specific interests or usage patterns.

To personalize an Email Sequence with a first name:

  • Open the Marketing Tab from the dashboard and then select Email Campaigns.
  • Select an Existing email sequence or create a new one.
  • Scroll down to Body and navigate to the Personalize drop-down menu in the toolbar.
  • Select First Name and then click Save.

first name

  • Send multipart emails Use both text and HTML or text only. Sending HTML-only email is not well received by ESPs.

Also, ESPs generally block images by default, so HTML only will not look very good unless users are proactive about enabling images. Too many images and text links trigger spam flags at ESPs.

  • Avoid promotional text  Using gimmicky promotional text, such as “Buy Now!” or “Free!” are major spam flags. Try to avoid using all caps or excessive exclamation marks.

  • Identify who is sending the email  Make sure each email has a valid reply-to address, as well as a valid physical postal address.

  • Avoid deceptive subject lines The subject line must accurately reflect the content of the message.

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