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Layout files are very important for your theme because every other template file is rendered inside the active layout. There is only ever one active layout on your store at any given time. The active layout changes when you declare an alternative layout, or when customers enter the checkout process.


The theme.liquid is the default active layout when visitors are browsing your online store and/or website. It usually renders the header content, footer content, navigation, and other global variables. All other templates are rendered inside of theme.liquid. Any elements that are repeated in a theme (ex: site navigations, header, footer, etc.) should be placed inside theme.liquid.

There are two Liquid objects that are required in theme.liquid: 1. The {{ contentforheader }} variable must be placed between the opening and closing tag. It inserts the necessary Kajabi scripts into the . 2. The {{ contentforlayout }} variable must be placed between the opening and closing tag. It outputs dynamic content generated by all of the other templates (index.liquid, product.liquid, etc.).


Within the layouts folder, you can create addition layouts to call on any of the templates in your theme. For instance, if you want your login.liquid template to render a different layout than the rest of your site, you can do so:

{% layout 'login' %}

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