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Brainstorm Your Product

Decide what to offer your niche to serve them best.

In this article:

  • Step 3 - Structuring your product
  • Here’s where the rubber starts to meet the road for serving your niche and deciding what to offer them. The term “product” can mean a lot of different things, so for the goal of getting your product ready for market, it means the item you’re offering to the customer in exchange for money.

    These next steps are going to help you position your expertise into a Product that your audience will find immense value in. And don’t worry, we’ll go over a couple of different Product styles you can choose from as well, so read on!

    Step 1 - What benefit does your Product offer the customer?

    The goal of a Product is simple - you just need to answer one question: “What is the fastest and most likely way to provide the desired outcome for your customer: getting them from their current state to their desired state?”

    I know that sounds a bit complicated, but let’s try an example:

    How to run a marathon - What’s the fastest and most effective method or process to improve someone's ability to prepare for, compete in, and finish running a marathon?

    Step 2 - How broad or narrow will your product be?

    Now to keep those creative juices flowing, that product idea of “How to run a marathon” can actually be built into multiple, more specific products to serve the market even better. It could be products like: * How to run your first marathon * This would help someone who’s never run a marathon before * This would likely be a larger course with multiple parts * How to improve your marathon time by 30 minutes, guaranteed * This would be targeting current runners or current marathon runners that want to improve * This would likely be a larger course with multiple parts * Ten stretching exercises every marathon runner needs to prevent injury * This could help new or existing runners * This could either be a lead magnet that you give away for free or a low price point download product * 30 must-eat meals for marathon runners to have boundless energy * This could help new or existing runners * This could be a small price download as a pdf cookbook, or a medium price product with cooking technique videos, or even a premium price product that comes with cooking technique videos and a custom nutrition strategy session with you live.

    Step 3 - Structuring your product

    Your product structure will only be limited by your creativity; however, to keep you focused, we’ll focus on 4 product structures: 1. Digital Download - a single tactic or outcome 2. Online Course - bigger outcome with multiple parts to achieve that outcome 3. Coaching / Consulting - combination of course with personal interaction and customization 4. Subscription / Membership - can be courses or downloads offered on a regular basis (e.g., monthly) Starting out, we’d recommend choosing one structure that you like the most, and beginning to build a course based on where you feel most comfortable. Some people feel best at higher price points and offering coaching/consulting products because they enjoy the interaction and it’s best for their niche. How do you know if it’s best for your niche you ask? Is it the fastest and most likely path to deliver them from their current state to their desired state?...hopefully you did your homework on that question above.

    Remember, in Kajabi you’ll be able to create many different types of products, for many different niches. However the key to getting going is getting started... and that takes focus. So make sure you have an answer for the “current state to desired state” question; have an idea about how broad or narrow you want your first product to be; and thought through the structure that you feel best about for the first product.

    Now that you’ve done the work, I’ve got a list of questions designed to get you brainstorming about what you can offer your market:

    • What have you bought in your niche that you thought, “I can do this better”?
    • When have you felt frustrated or lost because you couldn’t find the answers you needed when you had an outcome you wanted to achieve?
    • What are the common questions you get about your area of knowledge, experience, or passion? (e.g., what exercises should I do to lose weight)
    • What are the questions that, based on your knowledge or experience, are the questions you wish people were asking so they’d get better results? (e.g., how can I change my diet to lose weight whether I exercise or not?)
    • What type of transformation are most of the people in the niche you’re going to serve seeking? For example:
      • Weight loss
      • More energy
      • Faster Pinewood Derby car times
      • Better tennis forehand
      • Living without lower back pain
      • Bigger arms or six-pack abs
      • Eating a vegan diet and knowing how to cook vegan
      • Feeling confident giving a toast in front of strangers

    Final Checklist & Next Steps

    Now that you’ve got a good handle on…

    • What the current state of your market is
    • The desired state you’re going to get them to
    • The breadth of the Product needed to have them achieve it
    • The format you feel best delivering it in

    … it’s time to build it!

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