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How to set up an offer as a gift

Learn how to create an offer in Kajabi that your customers can gift to their friends and family.

In this article:

Step 1

First, create a 100% off coupon to base the single-use coupon off of–this will act as the "gift card" or "gift voucher" that will be sent to the buyer after purchase:

  • Type "Coupon" into the Kajabi Assistant (⌘+K)
  • Select New Coupon.
  • Create a 100% off coupon:


Step 2

To set up a gift offer:

  • Open the Product tab from your dashboard and select Offers or use the Kajabi Assistant (⌘+K) and type "Offers".
  • Create a new Offer based off an existing Offer you already have in your store. This new Offer will be used as the gift purchase.
  • After creating the gift Offer, add an automation to the gift Offer that will "send a single-use coupon" when the Offer is purchased.
  • Customize the automation email so that it is ready to send:


This automation will send the buyer a single-use coupon code created from the coupon code you chose via email. You will not need to create multiple single-use coupons. The buyer can then forward that email to whoever they'd like to gift the Offer to. 🎁

Add some cheerful copy or a fun gift image to spruce up the the single-use coupon email.

Step 3

To add the gift offer to your store:

  • Open the Website tab and click the customize button next to the Store page.
  • Select the Store Builder section from the sidebar.
  • Click Add Content and choose Offer Card.
  • Select the gift Offer you want add to the store:

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