April 25th, 2018: New Sidebar & Frictionless Checkout

An overview of the New Sidebar and Frictionless Checkout being rolled out to all users on April 25th, 2018.

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These updates will affect how your Kajabi site looks and functions. Please read through the entire synopsis of these updates to gain a full understanding of what to expect on April 25th.

Frictionless Checkout

On April 25th, 2018 we will be permanently making the switch to a Frictionless Checkout flow. Frictionless checkout will become the default for all checkout flows on all Kajabi accounts.

This means a user will only need to enter their email address and payment information in order to complete a purchase. After the purchase is completed, the user will be prompted to finish creating their Member profile. Check out this article on Frictionless Checkout to better understand the process and experience from start to finish.

Go ahead and toggle it on from your dashboard!

Site Domain Checkout

April 25th, 2018 will also mark the rollout of Site Domain Checkout. This means your checkout pages will no longer be tied to a Kajabi subdomain and instead use the custom domain you've set up with your site.

If you have tracking pixels or different analytics attached to your existing checkout links you'll need to update those analytics settings to reflect the new URL of your checkout pages.

New Sidebar

On April 25th, 2018 we will be permanently making the switch to the new sidebar. The new look will be toggled on for all Kajabi accounts.

This is a huge improvement on the previous iteration of the sidebar and general navigation within the Kajabi admin area. We've done considerable research on the best way to present our features to you guys and listened to plenty of feedback in the Facebook Group as well as through the ideas page (Thanks for the feedback!).

We feel extremely confident with the improvements as a team and we ask that you take the time to learn the new layout and be open to experiencing Kajabi in a new way.

We're very excited to rollout the new design and we look forward to continuing to grow and evolve as a platform. We encourage you to get a headstart on the change and discover how a simple design can inspire you to create something extraordinary. Go ahead and toggle it on from your dashboard!

The navigation structure has changed a little bit. We redesigned the sidebar with a minimal feel to contrast the previous sidebar's overwhelming amount of options. After logging in to your account you'll see four tabs on the sidebar:

  • Website
  • Products
  • Marketing
  • People

We understood these topics to be the four pillars that make up your Kajabi site.


The Website tab is home to a few different page and theme editors as well as your Blog and Analytics sections:

Design - Customize your Website structure, theme, and all of the pages that live in your Website theme.

Page Builder - Create custom stand-alone Pages or content Pages to be used in Pipelines.

Blog - Build blog posts and create content for your users.

Analytics - View site analytics, sales reports, affiliate reports, and marketing reports.

Website tab overview


The Products tab will give you an index view of all your Products as well as allow you to create and manage the Offers associated with those Products.

All Products - Create and manage Products and comments.

Offers - Create and manage Offers, Coupons, and Payments.


Pipelines, Email Campaigns, Events, and Forms all live under the Marketing tab.

Pipelines - Generate Pipelines and sales flows with a few simple clicks.

Email Campaigns - Build and manage Email Broadcasts and Email Sequences.

Events - Create Events to host Webinars through Pipelines and deliver valuable content to your users.

Forms - Make Opt-in Forms to collect contact info from potential customers.


The People tab is the focus for all information and interactions you have with your users and Affiliates.

All People - An index view of your Kajabi contact list. Import users and manage Member accounts.

Assessments - Create quizzes and gather information from users.

Affiliates - Manage and create Affiliate Users.


The Settings tab is home to both Site-specific settings as well as your Kajabi Account settings.

You will manage Site Settings like custom domains, form fields, third-party integrations, and brand settings here.

You will manage Account Settings like billing issues, email notifications, and admin users here.

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