Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

Learn how to keep your emails from getting sent to Junk, and into your readers' inboxes.

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Emails with "spammy" subject lines will get sent straight to junk. Here is a set of rules to follow to help get your emails to your readers' inbox.

Limit the use of Punctuation Characters

Overusing punctuation is a trigger for spam filters. To help your mail reach your contact list's inbox, we are checking for more than 4 punctuation marks within the subject line (regardless of placement/position).

Keep away from misusing capitalization

Using too much capitalization in your subject lines will send your mail to your readers junk mail. To avoid getting marked as spam, we are checking for an inordinate amount of capital letters, i.e. greater or equal to 50% relative to the length of the subject line.

Avoid these spam Filter trigger words

Adding certain words to your subject line can activate a recipient’s spam filter. To help get your emails to your member's inbox, we are scanning the email subject line for common words which have been known to trigger spam filters.

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