January 15, 2019: Landing Page Slug Improvements

On January 15, 2019, Kajabi will be releasing an updated URL structure for every website on the Kajabi platform.

Previously, landing page URL’s were structured like this:


After the update, you will no longer be required to nest landing pages underneath the /p directory and can now use the landing page url straight off the root of your website:


How will this affect me?

  1. This change affects every site, and requires no action on your part to use the new feature.
  2. Existing backlinks to the /p pages will still work as they did previously. For example, if you have this page camjabi.com/p/dogs will be automatically switched to camjabi.com/dogs and will load without any issues.
  3. Landing page references inside Kajabi will be updated to use the new URL structure.
  4. Some customers will need to update pages that will now conflict with reserved keywords on their website. For example, if you had a landing page with the URL camjabi.com/p/library that page url will be automatically changed to camjabi.com/library and would therefore redirect to your library page in Kajabi rather than the landing page it was orginally associated with. If you have landing pages ending with /p/library, /p/blog, /p/store, /p/search, or /p/404 you will need to change these URLs to a more unique name before January 15, 2019 if you want your website to still work as expected.

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