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The liquid object `tags` returns a collection of tags for your Store and / or Blog.

In this article:

Iterating Over Tags

tags is a special liquid object in that it itself is a collection. It can be called on the Store and the Blog.

{% for tag in tags %} <p>{{ tag }}</p> {% endfor }}

URL Parameters

The Store and the Blog allow for special URL parameters to be passed to sort the Sales Pages or the Blog Posts.

{% for tag in tags %} <a href="{{ current_site.url }}/?tag={{ tag }}">{{ tag }}</a> {% endfor }}


If you are on a page that is passing in a URL param, you can call the tag passed in via tag.current.

In this example, the url is

<h2>{{ tag.current }}</h2> {% for sales_page in sales_pages %} {% include "sales_page_snippet" %} {% endfor %}

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