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How to add custom HTML to your emails

Learn how to add custom HTML to your individual email campaigns in Kajabi.
Please refrain from using the source code editor if you are not proficient with HTML. There is the potential to break your emails here. Be cautious and consult an expert when needed.

Custom HTML can be added through the source code view in your Email Broadcast and Email Sequence editor toolbar.

Here’s a list of valid HTML elements (separated by commas) we allow in email broadcasts/sequences: <a>, <p>, <strong>, <em>, <u>, <text>, <img>, <br>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <span>, <li>, <ul>, <ol>

To add Custom HTML to an email:

  • Click into an existing Email Sequence or Email Broadcast (Add a new email or edit an existing one if you are working with an Email Sequence).
  • Open the the source code section on the toolbar <>.
  • Read the warning message and choose to proceed.
  • Start adding your custom HTML:

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