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Uploading videos to Kajabi through Wistia

Learn how Kajabi uses Wistia to upload and store your videos.

Uploading through Wistia

When you choose a file to upload, whether it be from a Google Drive, Dropbox, or your local hard drive, our video partner Wistia will need to encode the video in varios formats so that it can be delivered to all kinds of devices with varying internet speeds (don't worry, this is automatically going on in the background during your upload).

Wistia will usually run a quick pass on one format of your video so that you can view it immediately. However, in the background Wistia is encoding higher quality versions. This is why you'll see the "Coverting" and "Storing" message just after uploading a video file.

Give a video about 15-30 mins after uploading and it should be viewable at a higher quality!

Remember: Upload speed is dependent on your internet connection and device processing power.


Use the Dropbox integration to upload video files directly from your Dropbox account:

  • Click Select Video.
  • Connect to Dropbox.
  • Choose a video to upload:

Google Drive

Use the Google Drive integration to upload video files directly from your Google Drive account:

  • Click Select Video.
  • Connect to Google Drive.
  • Choose a video to upload:

Copy and paste your video file URL in the field to upload the video file directly through the URL:

This field will not accpet links to a video hosted on a site like Youtube or Vimeo. The uploader will be looking for the file type in the URL link. For instance,
would not be accepted, however,
would be an acceptable file link because of the .mp4.

Remember: You can always embed a youtube link in the Post body.

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