Abandoned Checkouts

Learn how to create and customize your automatic Cart Abandonment Email. Learn when an abandon cart email is sent and when it is not sent.

Cart Abandonment Emails allow you to automatically send a follow-up email every time a new customer enters their email at checkout but doesn't complete their purchase.

Activating your Cart Abandonment Email

To activate the Cart Abandonment Email:

  • Edit an existing Offer or create a new one.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Offer edit page to activate your Cart Abandonment Email.
  • Click the Edit reminder email template_ link to customize it:


When is the Cart Abandonment Email not sent

  • If a potential customer does not enter their email address before abandoning the cart
  • If a potential customer creates more than one abandoned checkout in a row, then only one email will be sent to that potential customer.
  • If a potential customer creates one or more abandoned checkouts and then completes a sale before the recovery email gets sent, then the email won't be sent.
  • If an Upsell is abandoned the Cart Abandonment Email will not be sent.

When is the Cart Abandonment Email is sent

  • When an existing user does not complete a checkout sequence.
  • When a new potential user enters their email address but does not complete the checkout sequence.

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