How to use frictionless checkout

Learn how frictionless checkout works from start to finish.

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Frictionless checkout is the default setting for all Kajabi accounts.

To toggle on frictionless checkout if you were previously using the basic checkout:

  • Edit the checkout page of an existing Offer in your account.
  • Select the Extra Contact Information section from the sidebar.
  • Uncheck the option to collect name and password:


Frictionless Checkout will no longer require your users to log in or create an account before purchasing an Offer on your site. They will simply:

  • Add their email address (or sign in if they are an existing users on your site)
  • Choose their payment process
  • Complete the purchase:

The flow of Frictionless Checkout.

If there is an Upsell associated with that Offer, the flow will remain the same. The user will complete the Offer purchase then be shown the Upsell. After they complete or deny the Upsell purchase, they will be promted to finish creating their Member profile and fill in their name and password.

After purchase

After completing the purchase the user will be forced to finish creating their Member profile. They will be asked to:

  • Fill in their name
  • Create a password

frictionless checkout

Once they have created their account they will be redirected to their Library page by default or the Thank You Page you've set up for that specific Offer in the After Purchase section.

If a potential user does not finish creating their Member account after purchase

  • In the event that a user does not complete filling in their name and password after the purchase, we will automatically fill in those fields with relative defaults.

  • The user will be prompted to finish creating their Member account each time they visit the site after the purchase.

  • We will send the Purchase Confirmation Email 30 minutes after the initial purchase if they have still not completed creating their Member account.

Webhooks, Zaps, and third party email integrations will follow the same timeline as the Member Welcome Email and the Purchase Confirmation Email.

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