What is a Section?

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What is a Section?

A Section is the term we use to describe a specific area of your page containing Block(s) to organize and break up your content. Your page will typically contain numerous Sections that can be customized and previewed in the sidebar Editor. Sections are used to enhance your User's Experience with your site by organizing and presenting your content in an easy-to-consume, beautifully designed Page.

Editor Sections

All sections contain blocks which make up a given section. Using the guide from design tools will help you differentiate how to control each element of your page. Each section will have standardized controls.

Design Show Guides

Any Section can be replicated by adding block types to that Section. However, adding Sections with Preset Block Types (e.g., Panel in Text, Hero with Countdown) will differ in appearance than Sections in which you + Add Content to include additional Block Types.

Customize a Section

Design your Page by customizing the Sections. You can rename, duplicate, hide, delete, and rearrange your Sections.

Deleting a section will delete the Blocks and content within the Section and cannot be undone.

To Rename, Duplicate, Hide, and Delete a Section

  • In the sidebar editor, hover over the Section you wish to Rename, Duplicate, Hide, or Delete, and click .
  • In the dropdown menu, select Rename, Duplicate, Hide, or Delete.
  • Click Save to keep your changes:

    Section More Actions

Rearrange your Sections

  • In the sidebar editor, click and hold and drag the Section to your desired location.
  • Release the Section and click Save to keep your changes:

    Section Drag Drop

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