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The FAQ section Preset contains 4 Accordion Blocks, which you can add to or remove based on the amount of FAQ's you would like to present. Use this section to address frequently asked questions from your audience, displaying the question and its answer in a dropdown. This saves space on your page while still allowing your readers to find answers to commonly asked questions.

FAQ vs. FAQ Grid

The FAQ Section generates a sequential list of Accordion blocks, whereas the FAQ Grid Section generates Accordion blocks in a Grid layout.



FAQ Grid:

Add FAQ Grid

Add an FAQ Section

  • In the sidebar, click Add Section.
  • Locate the FAQ header and select between the available FAQ sections.
  • Click Add.
  • Your newly created FAQ section will generate at the bottom of your page.
  • Add your FAQ content by clicking the Accordian block.
  • Begin customizing your section.
  • Click Save to keep your changes:

Add FAQ Section

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