Learn to add visual effects to your page by using Animations in the Block Settings.


Animations can add a lot of personality to your page. We thoughtfully designed these animations to make your website appear more responsive and intuitive to your users, encouraging your audience to explore further and feel engaged with your content.

With Animations, you can add motion to each individual Block as the page loads and scrolls. Select the type, direction, delay, and duration of your animation.

To add Animations:

  • Hover over the block you want to customize and click Edit.
  • In the sidebar, click Animations to access the Block Animations Settings:



  • Fade


  • Flip


  • Zoom



  • Up
  • Down
  • Left
  • Right
Be mindful of the time; Animations should be timed around the 100ms to 1 second "sweet spot" where users can recognize the animation without being confused but at the same time aren't delayed or removed from their flow of engagement.

Animation Delay

The number of seconds before the element begins its animation once a visitor reaches the section.

Animation Duration

The number of seconds the animation will last.

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