What happens when a customer purchases my course?

Learn the simple process that customers will go through once they purchase or are granted access to one of your courses.

Quick Guide

You may be wondering what your customers will see and the process they will go through once they purchase or are granted access to one of your courses. At Kajabi we have worked hard to make this procedure simple and worry free!

Step 1. The Checkout Page

  • The first step is for them to purchase an Offer from an Offer checkout page unless you have granted them an offer via an automation or within their contact in the People tab.

Step 2. The Thank You Page

  • After they make the purchase, the customer will be sent to a thank you page so long as you have the approporiate box checked within the After Purchase settings in your Offer.

Step 3. Automatic After Purchase Email

  • Right as the Offer is purchased, your customer will be sent an Email with Login information including a password that they can use to access their new course for the first time. Once they have logged in, they can change their Password within their Settings tab. If they have been granted access to an offer, they will receive an additional email reminder letting them know and prompting them to Login.

Step 4. Logging in and Accessing Courses

  • Finally, once the customer has found their Login info in their email, they will be able to Log in to their Dashboard on your Kajabi site. The courses they have purchased or been granted access to can all be found in the My Library section.


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