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How to import contacts into Kajabi

Learn how to import an outside mailing list into Kajabi

Quick Guide

  1. Open the People Tab
  2. Click Add People

In this article:

A subscriber or contact is someone who has opted-in to your mailing list, granting you consent to send them marketing emails. In this article, you'll learn how you can import your list of contacts to your Kajabi site.

Only import subscribers who have explicitly agreed to join your mailing list.

CSV Formatting

There are very specific guidelines you need to follow in order to successfully import contacts through a CSV. Please pay close attention to these instructions and make sure your CSV file is set up exactly as shown below:

  • First and Last Name,emailaddress
  • No extra commas, spaces, special characters

John Doe,
Jane Smith,

The CSV file must look exactly like this in order to be accepted and successfully imported into Kajabi.

Importing your List

  • Open the People tab
  • Click Add People
  • Import a single contact or copy & paste your list in the correct format:

Importing Contacts

Automatic emails sent after import

When importing your users into Kajabi they will either be created as Contacts or as Members.

Importing Contacts

A user is imported as a Contact when they are added to your Kajabi list without being granted an Offer:

Importing Contacts

Contacts will not receive an automatic email of any kind when you import them to your Kajabi list.

Importing Members

A user is imported and created as Member when they are granted an Offer during the import proccess:

magnify test

Members will receive the Member Welcome Email as well as the Offer Grant Confirmation email.

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