How to trigger automations in a form based on if a custom checkbox field is marked or not

Learn how to trigger Automations in a form based on whether or not a Custom Checkbox field is marked.
  • From your Dashboard, select Marketing then select Forms.
  • Create a new form or choose the one in which you'd like to edit.
  • Under Form Fields, choose Add Form Field, and then Create a New Field.
  • Add a title to your Custom Field and under the "Type" dropdown, select Checkbox.
  • After creating the new Checkbox field, click on Add Automation.
  • Select the action to be taken in the "Then" drop-down menu once the form is submitted, then click on the Add Condition button.
  • Select the name of the Custom Checkbox field filter in the Select Filter drop-down menu. (This can usually be found towards the bottom of the drop-down).
  • Enter 1 in the final field to trigger the Automation if the box is checked in the Form.

Checkbox form automations 1

To set up Automations in a Form based on if a Custom Checkbox is NOT checked, repeat this process but substitute a "0" for the "1". This indicates that the Checkbox was not marked.

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