How to us a Form in multiple places throughout Kajabi

Learn how to use the same form in multiple places throughout Kajabi

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A Form in Kajabi is a very versatile tool that can be used for many actions such as; subscribing someone to an email sequence, granting them an offer, registering them to an event, and more.

Here is a guide on how to create forms, and then use the same Form throughout your site, pipelines, and external pages.

Creating a Form

To create a new Form:

  • Type "Form" in the Kajabi Assistant (⌘+K) or open the Marketing tab and select Forms.
  • Select Create Opt-in Form.
  • Add a title, add new fields, Automations, and customize after submission actions:

Customizing the Form

To customize the design of your Form:

  • Edit an existing page or create a new page in the Page Builder or on your Website.
  • Add an Opt-in Form section to the page.
  • Choose the Form you want to use in that specific Opt-in Form section.
  • Begin customizing the look of the Form on the page with the Premier editor:

To make a Field required or optional on your Form, click on the Field and check or uncheck the box at the bottom of the Field editor.

Adding the Form to your Website

To add the created Form to your Website:

  • Open the Website tab from the dashboard and click Customize.
  • Click Add Section in the sidebar and select Opt In Form.
  • Select the desired Form in the Forms dropdown menu then click Save.


Adding the Form to a Pipeline

To add the Form to a pipeline:

  • Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard and select Pipelines.
  • Select an existing pipeline or create new one.
  • Click to edit the Opt-In section then click Opt In Form in the sidebar on the right.
  • Choose the Form in the dropdown under Form.
  • Click Save. pipelineflow2

To Embed the Form in a Separate Site

To embed the Form in a separate site: - Choose the Marketing tab, then Select Forms. - Select the Form you would like to embed. - On the top menu under the form title, choose Embed. - Copy the embed code from the next page, and you can now use this form on your website outside of Kajabi. When submitted, the Form will perform all actions and automations regularly within Kajabi.

how to Embed the form

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