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Learn how to set up your SEO and Sharing settings to best optimize your search result rankings.

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Basics of SEO

Your website, pages, blog and blog posts all have a dedicated SEO & Sharing section. To utilize these sections and optimize your search results and rankings make sure to fill the following fields with authoritative and relevant information:

Page Title

  • A strong title can prove beneficial in getting your page ranked by Google and other leading search engines.

Page Description

  • Insert a couple sentences from your copy on the page to reiterate the overall subject of the page. Use words and phrases used by people who search for your products and services.

Page Image

  • When you or one of your users shares a link to your site, one of your pages, or a blog post this image will be shown along with the link. Choose an appropriate image that will grab attention.

You can find your site's SEO and Sharing section under the Site Details section of the Settings tab on your dahsboard:

You can find the SEO and Sharing section for your Pages by clicking the "Edit Details" button:

Click the "..." and then hit the Edit Details button.

You can find your Blog SEO and Sharing settings by typing "Blog" in the Kajabi Assistant. Then click the Settings button below the Blog Posts heading:

Sharing & Debugging

If the SEO image you set for the URL is not showing when you post the link somewhere:

  • Paste the URL in the Facebook Debugger.
  • Scrape the URL again.
  • Paste the link in your desired location:

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