How to set up a forwarding rule for your Custom Domain on Google Domains

Learn how to create a forwarding rule to your custom domain on Google Domains.

Quick Guide

When setting up your custom domain, you will want to make sure that no matter if the "www." is entered or not, your Kajabi site will always be the endpoint. To ensure this happens, you will need to add a Forwarder to your Domain through the registrar that you are using to host your domain.

How to setup a URL Redirect on Google Domains

  • Check and make sure your domain was set up properly in Kajabi by choosing Settings, then Custom Domains. Your domain should say Connected.
  • Log in to your Google Domains account and choose the Domains you would like to manage, then select the DNS tab on the left sidebar.
  • Scroll down to the Synthetic records section.
  • Select Subdomain Forward in the dropdown on the left side.
  • Enter in Temporary Redirect 301 and then choose the correct Domain you want to edit in the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the subdomain you want to forward and the URL you want to forward it to.
  • Make sure the destination URL is formatted as
  • Lastly, select Add and test it in your browser.

Google domain step 1

Google domain step 2

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