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The liquid object `blog_post` returns information about your current Blog Post.

In this article:

    Returns the unique id for the current Blog Post.

    <p>This Blog Posts's id is {{ }}.</p>


    Returns the Title for the current Blog Post.

    <h1>{{ blog_post.title }}</h1>


    Returns the Content for the current Blog Post.

    {{ blog_post.content }}


    Returns the Image URL for the current Blog Post.

    <img src="{{ blog_post.image_url }}">


    Returns the timestamp for when the current Blog Post was created.

    <p>Blog posted on {{ blog_post.created_at }}.</p>


    If a blog custom domain is present, this will return the custom domain. Otherwise, this will return the default path for the blog post.

    <a href="{{ blog_post.url}}">


    Returns the collection of tags for the current Blog Post. (Note: it's best to use the join filter, as demonstrated below, in order to add comma-separation.)

    <p>Tags: {{ blog_post.tags | join: ', ' }}</p>

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