How to Migrate from Classic Kajabi to New Kajabi

If you have an active Kajabi classic account and would like to switch to the new Kajabi, we offer a migration service to move your videos and content. Some parts of your projects aren't transferable, such as funnels and comments, but with our migration tool, we can save you some time and effort by copying your videos and downloadable files onto your new Kajabi site. We'll also transfer your portal structure such as categories, sub-categories, and posts. Members can be imported by you with the bulk import tool in the new Kajabi.

To get started with the migration process:

  • Go into your Kajabi classic account and go to project settings. There you'll find your " Migration Token".
  • Copy the Project Migration Token from the project:

Now that you have the project token, it's time to send a request to Kajabi support to have your project imported.

_ Note: Please be sure to use the subject line "Kajabi Classic Import" _

Contact support or access our 24/7 Live Chat:

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