How to sell a call, meeting, or coaching session

Learn how to sell a call, meeting, or coaching session and then provide an instant means for your customers to book their time.

Quick Guide

To sell a meeting and then allow for your customer to easily book a session:

  • Start from your dashboard and click on the Products tab and choose Offers
  • Create a Ghost Offer by making an Offer with no Product attached to it
  • In the After Purchase section, check the box to Send the Member to a thank you page, then select a custom landing page you have created
  • Embed a third party calendar application such as Calendly into a custom code block within a custom content section on your landing page

In this article:

Creating a Ghost Offer

A Ghost Offer is creating an offer without a Product attached. This will be ideal for selling coaching hours or paid consultation

To make a Ghost Offer:

  • Click on the Offers tab unter Products from your Kajabi Dashboard
  • Select Add New Offer
  • Create and Price your Offer according to the service you would like to sell
  • Make sure not to connect a Product to the Offer
  • Add After Purchase settings and Automations that will include simple, clear next steps for those who have purchased your Ghost Offer


Build a landing page with an embedded Calendar

If you haven't already, go ahead and get a Calendly account here:

Create your schedule and event types. Prepare to embed your calendar on a Kajabi page:

  • Create a new Page or edit an existing one.
  • Add a Custom Content section to the Page.
  • Add a Custom Code section to the Custom Content section.
  • Go back to Calendly and copy your embed code.
  • Paste the Calendly embed code in the Custom Code section.
  • Save and preview! 🎉

Calendly updated embed

Other third-party widgets such as Acuity can be embedded the same way! Simply paste the embed code from any widget into a custom code block on your Kajabi page!

Connect your Ghost offer to the Calendar app

  • Navigate back to your Ghost offer
  • Within After Purchase settings, check the box that says Send the Member to a thank you page, then in the dropdown menu choose go to a landing page
  • Select the landing page in which the calendar app is embedded
  • You are now ready to start selling and booking sessions!

After purchase

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