Learn to add a Features section to a page to showcase your content.

The Feature Section is a great way to showcase what's special about your brand, product, or service. In the Features Category, you have the option between a 2 and 3 card display or 2 and 4 column display.

The Difference between Feature Cards and Feature Columns

Feature Cards showcase your content with a Call to Action button included in the Features block when added to your page.

Add Feature Cards

Feature Columns are similar to Feature Cards because they showcase your content, but they do not include a Call to Action button when added to your page. However, you can choose to include a Call to Action button by configuring the Call to Action Setting under Block Settings.

Add Feature Columns

To add a Features section:

  • In the sidebar, click Add Section.
  • Select Features.
  • Then, click Add.
  • Your newly created Features section will generate at the bottom of your page.
  • Click Save to keep your changes:

Add Feature Section

Customize your Features section:

In a Features section, configure the Image & Text to adjust the Width, select the Image, specify the Image Action, and edit the Text.

An Image Action can be used to initiate an Action when the Image is clicked to:

  • Lead a visitor to a custom Landing Page
  • Lead to a sale by going to a Checkout Page
  • Encourage your audience to download a file
  • Lead to any website page with a URL link
  • Open a Two-Step Optin Popup
  • And act as an anchor link to lead to a section of the page

Learn more about the Features block here!

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