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How to add a ManyChat widget to your website

Learn how to add ManyChat to your Kajabi website.

In this article:

Step 1: Set up ManyChat

To set up ManyChat and get the embed code:

  • Open an account with ManyChat.
  • Click Growth Tools in the sidebar.
  • Create a new + Growth Tool.
  • Configure each setting and customize how you want the embed to look on your site.
  • After setting up the widget, select Install JavaScript Snippet.
  • Authorize your site's URL with www. and without www. if they are not already authorized.
  • Copy the JavaScript snippet to your clipboard:

manychat 1

Step 2: Paste the JavaScript Snippet in Kajabi

  • Navigate back to your Kajabi account.
  • Open the Settings tab from the dashboard.
  • Select Site Details.
  • Scroll down to the Page Scripts section.
  • Paste the JavaScript snippet in the Page Scripts field to automatically apply that snippet to the <head> section of every page on your site:

manychat 2

Step 3: Enter the URLs

The last step is to add the URLs where you'd like the widget to show up:

  • Navigate back to ManyChat.
  • Enter the exact URL into the Only show on these pages field.
  • Save the flow.
  • Open your Kajabi website to preview the widget:

manychat 3

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