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How to view page and email stats in Pipelines

Learn how to check your page and email stats directly inside the Pipeline builder screen.

In this article:

To view stats in Pipelines:

  • Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard or use the Kajabi Assistant (⌘+K) and type "Pipelines".
  • Select Pipelines.
  • Click into an existing Pipeline.
  • Click the View stats button:


Conversion Rate - Total opt-ins divided by total number of page views.

Total Revenue - The total profit made through your offer in the Pipeline.

Revenue Per View - Total number of sales divided by total number of page views. This is a helpful number to see when sending traffic to your Pipeline through an ad. You'll be able to quickly see if you're ad spend is being made back. ☺️

Views - The total number of visits/page views.

Conversions - Total number of opt-ins through a form on that page from its creation.

Sales - The total number of sales made through the offer in your Pipeline.

Email Sequences

Sends - The amount of emails successfully sent.

Opens - The amount of times the email has been opened.

Clicks - The number of times any link in the email has been clicked.

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