How to create a coupon

Learn how to create a coupon in Kajabi.

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A coupon code is final once it's created. A coupon code can only be used one time. 100% Off coupons are supported for all coupon types.

Step 1: Creating a Coupon

Create coupons to be used for special promotions or deals on your offers. Coupons can be an amount or a percentage off, can be given a duration to be used with monthly subscriptions, and can expire on a date you select.

To create a new coupon:

  • Open the Products tab from the dashboard or use the Kajabi Assistant (⌘+K) and search "Coupons".
  • Select Offers.
  • Choose Coupons.
  • Click +New Coupon:

Step 2: Adding Offers to the Coupon

The coupon code will only be valid for offers that are added to the Included Offers section of the coupon.

To add an offer:

  • Edit an existing coupon or create a new one.
  • Click the + Add Offer.
  • Choose the Offer you want to include:

Offers can be added and removed after the coupon code is created. After you've included an Offer with the coupon you will see a Discount link button. This will copy the Offer checkout link with the coupon code already applied:

Once a coupon code is added to an offer, your customer will be able to apply the code from the right sidebar of the checkout page.

Who used the coupon?

To filter your list by coupon used:

  • Open the People tab from the dashboard.
  • Apply the "Used coupon code".
  • Select the code to filter by:

coupon used filter

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