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How to create admin users on your site

Learn how to add Admin Users to your site and give different levels of admin roles to each user.

Quick Guide

  1. Open the Settings tab from the dashboard.
  2. Select Account Users under the Account Settings section.
  3. Create a new user and assign the Admin Role they have for each site on your account.

Only the account owner can create Admin Users.

The basic plan allows one admin user, pro allows 5, and premium offers 25.

The account owner does not count towards these limits. Suspended admins do not count toward the total number of admins allowed.

Admin Roles

Each Admin Role comes with different permissions.

Administrator - Administrators have the same permission as owners, with the exception of Stripe Connections.

Assistant - Assistants are able to delete and modify site content, but cannot see financial report data.

Support Specialist- Support Specialist can moderate comments and manage your people list.

Moderator - Moderators can moderate site comments only.

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