How to use different community post actions

Learn about post actions in community.

As the admin, every post in your community will have a set of actions you can use:

  • Click Go to Community.
  • Select the more options button on the post.
  • Unfollow the post, copy a link to the post, pin the post to the top of the feed, edit, or delete the post:

community post actions

Unfollow/follow post - When you create a new post in a Community you will automatically be following that post. This will alert you whenever a new comment is made on that specific post. Additionally, if you are not following a post you can click the star icon to start following.

Copy link to post - Use this to copy a direct link to the exact post inside the Community.

Pin post to the top - As an admin you are able to choose a post that will show up at the top of every Community member's feed.

Edit - This will allow you to edit a post you've created after it has been posted.

Delete - You can always delete a post if it does not follow your Community guidelines or doesn't fit with your mission.

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