What is a Post and what is a Category?

Learn what these elements of a Product are used for and how to utilize them.

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What is a Post?

A Post can be thought of as a lesson in your Product. It is a piece of content (whether video, assessment, audio, text or a combination) within a Category of a Product. You can create multiple Posts within a Category.

The following elements can be added to a Post:

  • Video
  • Downloads
  • Audio File
  • Text Box
  • Assessment
A Post can have any combination of the elements above.

What is a Category?

A Category is an organizational tool that can be used to collect Posts under a similar heading. For instance, if you are teaching a course on drumming for beginners, and you have Posts that teach about drumming techniques as well as the different kinds of sticks you can use, you could create Categories for "Techniques" and "Stick Types".

Categories are also used to Drip release content in a Product. This can be configured in the Category settings.

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