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Famously used by one of the most popular thought-leaders in the world, the Brendon Burchard Pipeline is the exact same campaign used to turn a free book offer into an eight-figure product launch!

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This pipeline’s overwhelming success lies in its simplicity: by offering a free book, where the user pays only for shipping, you will start your audience down a path that makes it 1-click simple to pay you for your bigger ticket items, the digital products that serve as the real meat of your online business.

The Anatomy of the Brendon Burchard Book Launch

Step 1 - The Opportunity

The first step of the Book Launch Pipeline is the promise of a free book… who doesn’t like free stuff? All that is required is for the user to pay shipping and handling for the book.

Now, this book doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical book that jump-starts your campaign the way Brendon did with Motivation Manifesto. You can give tremendous value with an eBook or other digital download, and it’s just as easy to attach these to your Offer.

Regardless of what type of offer you’re actually promising (physical or digital), the goal for this step remains the same: convince your prospect to take action and opt-in using persuasive copy and/or a sales video. Don’t worry, just follow the principles already established in the landing page and you got this!

Step 2 - The Offer

The second step is the Offer, where your prospects will pay for the shipping and handling for the free book. This is a vital step to the success of the Pipeline because here’s where your prospect goes from just unknown visitor to an actual member of your site, with important data at your fingertips.

Step 3 - The Upsell

The money is in the Upsell... This is the crucial stage of the Pipeline where all the magic happens, and it’s how Brendon turns his free book into a money-making machine. Excited, yet? Thought so :-)

Here’s how it all works: when you captured your prospects’ payment information in the previous step, you made it easy for your new users to buy something else from you. In this step, you’re going present them with the Offer that they’re only 1 click away from purchasing (hence, the “1-click Upsell”).

In Brendon’s case, once he collected a prospects’ payment information for his free book, he presented them with an Upsell Offer to join his online course (such as Experts’ Academy). Because the offer was only 1 click away from happening, conversion rates skyrocketed and he made millions from it!

Step 4 - Thank You

At this point in the game, you’ve collected your prospects’ information, got them to enter in their payment information, and you’ve upsold your digital product to great success.

All the work is done, right? Not exactly… a Thank You page is an excellent way to put icing on the cake. It’s your chance to leave your new members with some parting words and directions for what’s next.

You can also, as Brendon does, use the opportunity to invite your new members to the next step. For example, you can give them an offer to get hands-on coaching for an additional cost, join a private community, or even invite them to another supplemental course. The choice is yours!

That’s it - that’s the exact process Brendon uses to build his massive digital empire! Not so complicated, right? Happy launching!

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