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Truthy and Falsy

In programming, we describe “truthy” and “falsy” as anything that returns true or false, respectively, when used inside an if statement.

In this article:

What is Truthy?

All values in Liquid are truthy, with the exception of nil and false.

In the example below, the text “Dr. O' Ducklehan” is not a boolean, but it is truthy in a conditional:

{% assign name = "Dr. O' Ducklehan" %} {% if name %} <p>Nice to meet you, I'm {{ name }}.</p> {% endif %} Strings, even when empty, are truthy. The example below will result in empty HTML tags if post.body is empty:

{% if post.body %} <div> {{ post. body }} </div> {% endif %} To avoid this, you can check to see if the string is blank, as follows:

{% unless post.body == blank %} <div> {{ post. body }} </div> {% endif %}

What is Falsy?

The only values that are falsy in Liquid are nil and false.

nil is returned when a Liquid object doesn't have anything to return. For example, if a post doesn't have a poster image, post.posterimageurl will be set to nil. Since that is “falsy”, you can do this:

{% if post.poster_image_url %} <img src="{{ post.poster_image_url }}"> {% endif %}

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