Email Metrics Overview

Learn more about your email metrics.

From your Email Campaigns page, you can view reports for your Email Broadcasts and Email Sequences. You can also view a report for individual emails within your Sequences. These reports provide necessary metrics that will help you master your email campaigns. Follow along to gain a better understanding of the individual metrics that live inside of a report.

11 (Email Broadcast report metrics)

12 (Email Sequence report metrics)


This metric represents the number of contacts you selected to send your email broadcast to under "recipients." In Email Sequences, Sent is the number of subscribers who were sent the email.


The number of emails that were Delivered to contacts or, more technically, "accepted" by their email service provider. The number of delivered emails could be less than the number of sent emails due to bounces.


If someone clicks on any of the links in your email, then that email is considered Clicked.


An email is considered Bounced when an email to a recipient fails, usually due to the recipient email not existing.


An email is considered Opened when it has been delivered and view by the recipient.


When a recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email, the recipient is immediately Unsubscribed. Once unsubscribed, the contact will no longer receive any marketing emails.


An email is considered Dropped if the email to the recipient fails and the reason for the failure is:

  • The email delivery system has reached the send retry limit

  • You are attempting to send an Email to a previously unsubscribed, bounced, or complained recipient

  • An ESP rejects the mailing address


Complained occurs when an email recipient clicks on the spam complaint button within their email client.

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