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How to automatically translate the language of your site

Learn how to use Google Translate to make your website instantly available in 100+ languages.

In this article:

Google Translate will embed a dropdown on any page on your Kajabi site that will allow the viewer to select which language they want to view the site in. Follow the steps below to set this up 🎉

Step 1: Generate Google Translate code

To get the code snippet from Google Translate:

  • Go to
  • Click "Add to your website now".
  • Enter your website URL.
  • Choose the language your site originates in.
  • Select the languages you want your site to be translated to.
  • Configure the display settings.
  • Click Get Code and copy the snippet on the next page:

Step 2: Paste the code snippet in Kajabi

To paste the code snippet on every page of your site:

  • Open the Settings tab from the dashboard.
  • Click on Site details.
  • Scroll down to the Page Scripts section.
  • Paste the code snippet in the Header Page Scripts field:

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