How to add an Order Bump to your Offer

Learn how to add Order Bumps to your Checkout Pages.

Quick Guide

  1. Navigate to the Main Offer.
  2. Click Edit Checkout.
  3. Click the Order Bumps tab.
  4. Select the Offer you wih to add as an Order Bump.

An Order Bump is used as a way to advertise another offer on the checkout screen. A user will go through the checkout sequence and see a simple option to add another Offer to their checkout. This article will walk you through the steps to add an Order Bump.

Before you start you'll need to have two Offers created: - Your main Offer - And the Offer you'd like to add as the Order Bump

Adding your order bump

To add an Order Bump to your Offer:

  • Open the Products tab
  • Select Offers.
  • Choose an existing Offer or create a new one.
  • Edit the Checkout.
  • Click on the Order Bump section and select the Offer to be bumped.
  • Add your description and click save:

Order Bump

Customers will see the Order Bump right before they complete their purchase:

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