Affiliate User Customer Information Exporting (GDPR)

Learn about the change we're rolling out to stay GDPR compliant.

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In an effort to deliver Kajabi as a completely GDPR compliant platform, we are currently sweeping the application for areas where we could improve communication and provide a more consensual data sharing experience.

When a potential customer clicks an Affiliate User's link, a cookie is placed on their browser for 30 days. As long as the customer completes the purchase using the same browser within those 30 days the sale (or a percentage of the sale) will be attributed to the Affiliate User.

Currently, an Affiliate User can export the names and email addresses of the customers who purchased through their Affiliate Link. For example, say I purchased an Offer through Jeremy's Affiliate Link. He can now export my contact information for use on his own site or email list. This is obviously an issue with the GDPR coming into effect because I did not give consent for Jeremy to collect my information.

Our solution

The solution we chose to implement is to provide null data when an Affiliate User exports customer information from their Affiliate Dahsboard.

When an Affiliate User exports customer purchase data the CSV will be filled with an anonymized version of the customer contact information. For instance, if John Smith, purchased through the Affiliate's link, the CSV purchase report would only populate:

"John S"

rather than populating all of the customer's contact information:

"John Smith,"

This will effectively keep Kajabi GDPR compliant.


Site admins should still have permission to use and collect customer information so long as they are given consent via a checkbox on the checkout page or another permission medium.

The Site admin could potentially add a clause to their terms and conditions stating that the information given at checkout may be shared with Affiliate Users of the site. This workaround is somewhat burried but will definitely keep you GDPR compliant.

Another solution would be to add another checkbox on the checkout page blatantly asking your customers to agree to share their information with Affiliate Users on the site.

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