How to attach multiple Offers to a Pipeline

Learn how to attach multiple Offers to a Pipeline

Quick Guide

To attach multiple Offers to a Pipeline:

  1. Create your Pipeline.
  2. Attach a Pricing Options Section to your Sales Page and include the Offers you want to feature.
  3. Add CTA buttons for each Offer that lead to the approporiate Checkout Pages.

In this article:

Create your Pipeline

  • From the Dashboard, select the Marketing tab
  • Click the + New Pipeline button to generate a new pipeline
  • Select the Sales Page OVO Pipeline and click Create Pipeline
  • Choose an offer to sell with this Pipeline (you will add more in the next few steps) and then select Generate Pipeline

Sales Page OVO GIF

Attach a Pricing Options Section to your Sales Page

Now that we have created our Pipeline, we will want to customize the Sales Page and add a Pricing Options section. To do this:

  • Select the Sales Page from your Pipeline Editor
  • Choose Add Section from the right sidebar and then scroll down and choose Pricing Options
  • Select Add to make sure this section is added to your Sales Page

Adding Multiple Offers

  • Add a new Pricing Option Block in your Pricing Options section for each offer you want to include
  • Add valuable information in the Pricing Option blocks for each Offer
  • Set the CTA action in each block to lead to the associated Checkout Page for each Offer

Attaching Pricing Options to Pipeline Sales Page

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