Designing Logos and Graphics with Canva

Learn how to use Canva to create brand assets for your business.

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Canva is a great nearly free tool that will allow you to create all the images, logos and graphics you need to create a consistent feel for your Kajabi courses and business!

Create a Canva Account

The first step to creating great images and graphics using Canva is to setup an account at using Facebook, Email, or other social media accounts. If you choose to not use your social media account, you will have to wait for and click on a verification email.

  • Once you’ve created your account you’ll see this header here:

  • Now it’s time to choose what type of graphic you’re going to create whether it’s a logo for your business or courses, a poster for a live event or header for your Facebook account, Canva has templates for every occasion. If you can’t find a template that fits your idea, you can always create a custom dimension by clicking on the box in the upper right hand corner:

  • Once you select logo from the business section of templates, you’ll be brought to this screen where you will see a variety of layouts, elements and options:

Customizing your logo or graphic

  • Once you select a template you can click on UPLOADS  to add your own photo such as a headshot or any other images you may want to include on the logo:


  • You can add elements such as grids, charts and icons by clicking on the ELEMENTS  tab: 


  • Canva also offers stock images and illustrations that you can buy for $1 when you search for a term like “Rocket Science” in the search bar as you can see here:

Social Media – Untitled Design


  • Once you’ve played around with different layouts and elements, added your own text including your brand name and made the background your desired color, it’s time to save and download your Logo.
  • The last step to designing that perfect logo or graphic with Canva is to save your logo by clicking on File then Save. While Canva does auto-save every few minutes, you’ll want to make sure that you actually consciously save your work every time you exit the program or are about to download a design:


  • After that you can choose to share your logo with social media, add it in your site, or link it to friends or business partners by clicking  Share :


  • And finally, download your logo as either a JPG , PNG , or PDF.


That's it! While we focused on logos with this article, the exact same process can be used to create any graphic on canva. Some of the most popular graphics created on canva are:

  • Quotes and Inspirational Posts for Social Media
  • Lead Magnets
  • Social Media Covers
  • Testimonial Graphics
  • Kajabi Course Covers and designs
  • Workbooks and worksheets


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