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How to edit the code on your site

Learn how to access and edit the code of your site.

Quick Guide

  1. Open the Webiste tab.
  2. Choose Manage Themes.
  3. Click and select Edit Code.

In this article:

You can edit the code in your Website Theme, Product Theme, or Page theme.

Website Theme

  • Open the Website tab.
  • Click Manage Themes
  • Click and select Edit Code:

If you are not familiar with editing code please refrain from changing theme structure or hire a professional to help.

Product Theme

To edit the code of your Product theme:

  • Open the Products tab and edit an existing Product.
  • Click Customize.
  • Click and select Edit Code:

Page Theme

  • Open the Website tab and go into the Page Builder.
  • Click and select Edit Code:

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