How to sell an ebook

Learn how to sell an ebook on Kajabi

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Kajabi can be used to provide an easy way to sell and quickly deliver ebooks to your customers.

To sell an ebook:

  • Create a Ghost offer, which is just an offer with no product attached.
  • Within the Automations section of the offer, choose to Send an Email when the Offer is purchased.
  • Simply attach your ebook to the body of the automatic email, and your customers will be given instant access as soon as the Offer is purchased.

In this article:

Creating a Ghost Offer

A Ghost Offer is creating an offer without a Product attached. This will be necessary to allow customers to purchase your ebook.

To make a Ghost Offer:

  • Click on the Offers tab unter Products from your Kajabi Dashboard
  • Select Add New Offer
  • Create and Price your Offer according to the service you would like to sell
  • Make sure not to connect a Product to the Offer
  • Add After Purchase settings and Automations that will include simple, clear next steps for those who have purchased your Ghost Offer


Create an Automation within your Offer to instantly deliver your ebook

To make sure your ebook is delivered promptly after purchase:

  • Go to the Automations section within your offer
  • Select Send an Email
  • Click on the attachments icon to add one to the body of the email
  • Select your ebook and choose the copy you want the download link to say!
  • You're now ready to begin selling and instantly delivering ebooks to your customers!

Attaching ebook to email in offer

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