How to set up after purchase settings

Learn about all of the automated options you can trigger after an Offer is purchased

To set up After Purchase settings:

  • Open the Products tab from the dashboard.
  • Click Offers.
  • Edit an existing Offer or create a new one.
  • Scroll down to the After Purchase settings and toggle the actions you'd like to activate:

after purchase

Send the member a confirmation email: This will allow you to send the automatic email template for purchase confirmation or choose a custom email template and send your own confirmation email.

Give an affiliate commission: This setting allows you to set an Affiliate Commission for the offer. This way you Affiliate is credited the specified percentage with Affiliate tracking.

Send a notification to your team: Enable this setting to be notified via email when someone purchases the Offer. Add multiple emails by hitting the tab/enter key after each email.

Send the member to a third party email provider: This setting allows you to integrate the Offer with a third party email provider. This way you can send the customers information to one of your integrated services.

Send the member to a thank you page: This setting allows you to create a custom Thank You Page for the Offer. The member will be redirected to this Thank You Page after the Offer has been successfully purchased. If you don't click the checkbox next to Send the member to a Thank You Page they will then be taken to the default page, which is the Library.

You can use automations to set up multiple different after purchase actions like adding a tag, registering to an event, etc.

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