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How to edit the automatic emails templates sent by your site

Learn how to edit the default emails automatically sent by your site.

Quick Guide

  1. Type "Email Templates" into the Kajabi Assistant (⌘+K).
  2. Select Email Templates from the search results.
  3. Click the icon on the template you would like to customize.
  4. Hit save when finished!

Your site automatically sends out several different emails and notifications. These messages are called Email Templates and can be edited and customized in the Email Templates section under your Settings tab on the dashboard:

Use the Kajabi Assistant to quickly navigate to the Email Template customization page.

The Member Welcome Email and Offer Purchase Confirmation Email can be toggled off on an Offer basis in the Offer settings.

Overview of each Email Template:

  • Member Welcome Email: This email is sent to users that purchase an Offer or are manually imported with an Offer grant. It includes their login credentials as well as a link to the login page of your site.

  • Offer Purchase Confirmation: This email is sent out when a user purchases an Offer through the Kajabi checkout page. This template does not contain login credentials.

  • Affiliate Welcome Email: This message will be sent to a new Affiliate when they are created on your site. They will receive this email with their login information and a link to the Affiliates Dashboard where they can log in.

  • Reply Comment Notification: This message is sent to users whenever a reply is made directly to their comment. Notifications do not go out to everyone involved in the thread, only to the author of the parent comment. The email includes a link to where they can view and reply to the comment.

  • Member Drip Notification: When new content has been dripped in your Product, the Member will receive this email notification that includes a link to your site where they can log in and view the new dripped content that has been released.

  • Announcement Notification: This message is sent to members when a product announcement is posted.

  • Affiliate Announcement Notification: This is sent to Affiliates when you create an Affiliate announcement.

  • Member Payment Subscription Failed: This is sent to Members when their payment is declined, rejected by their bank, or does not go through successfully.

  • Offer Grant Confirmation: This email is sent to Members when they are granted a new product.

  • Assessment Completion: This email is sent to users when they complete an Assessment and will contain a link they can follow to view their graded results.

  • Cart Abandonment: This email is sent to a user when they do not complete the checkout sequence for an Offer.

  • Double Opt-in: This email is sent to a user when you have double opt-in enabled on your Form. This ask the recipient to confirm their opt-in.

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